It is important to note that the general criteria for a valid lemon law claim are broad. Here are the 3 ways your car may qualify under Lemon Law in Santa Monica. Problems that affect the value of the car also may qualify for protection. So please, fill out the form completely. In most cases, the dealership is required to try to fix defects experienced during the warranty time span, and generally must refund the customer’s money or replace the vehicle if the defect is irreparable. No one sets out to own a vehicle that may qualify for lemon law status, but consumers do find themselves in such a situation. A broken CD player or knob on the radio probably would not qualify under the lemon law rules. “Lemon” is a term to describe defective vehicles and each state has a variance of the law. Lemon laws don't cover fit and finish problems. They only cover safety and mechanical problems. But remember; this is only a presumption. Most lemon law attorneys in this state work via contingency fee. A common problem that arises is one with the car’s paint job. If the engine kept stalling that is a lemon law issue. To help you understand your rights under Michigan’s Lemon Law, this alert provides answers to common Lemon … Answer a few quick questions to determine if you have a potential claim.