Oh the rains been terrible this year! lol Frances. Some things are beyond our control, and simply require a Zen attitude. I've enhanced your picture a little, I'm emailing you from terry@surf303. However, the Annabelles are in the 5 foot + range, so the rings just aren't tall enough to do any good. He suggested leaving the woody shoots only for the first season. Choose the appropriate time to separate hydrangeas and get to work. Remove the root ball or the primary mass of … Simple and Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas, Woodgrain grain sack stripe on a vintage wood stackable chair, 1909 Classical Revival in Alexandria, LA – $300,000, The Cozy Minimal {List} :: Weekend Links #93, A Storybook Cottage Built by Hugh Comstock For Sale in Carmel, Three Choices You Can Make Today That Will Make Your Life Better, Scripture-Prayers for Taking Courage and Forsaking Fear, February 7, 2009: 1st Westside Arts Distrct Art Walk Terry's Tiny Review, The gift of possibility... A mother - daughter trip to Paris, An end of an era for me...why I had to say good bye to blogging to gain peace, Collective Wisdom: Tips for Styling Your Collections, Interior Designer in Charlotte - Interior Decorator - Laura Casey Interiors, Sneak peek: the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles 2016 Southeastern Showhouse. Gather & Build - Custom home construction. For next year I'm thinking some type of tomato cage. Also, what is the best fertilizer to use? A landscaping architect friend just told me that when dividing Annabelles in spring, it's best to prune the new soft (green) growth out, as that's what will flop in a stressed plant. (I'm here in Middle GA). They grow 5-plus feet every year, and this year was a major bumper for no. Thank you. There is an improved version of Annabelle out now from Proven Winners. However, since their dried flowers remain attractive all winter, it makes sense to prune them in early spring, just after snowmelt, rather than in the fall. And yes, when it rained the mop heads got so heavy they touched the ground. Our post about pruning Annabelle hydrangeas is one of our most popular hits. I cannot physically do it with photos, right now, because it is mid-June and way, way, way too hot to divide hydrangeas and I don't want to kill them. When browsing websites and blogs re this problem, I have found conflicting information. Drag the tarp slowly and carefully to the new planting hole. I'm dividing mine in April--in the south. They are 5 feet tall and have enormous flowers that are absolutely beautiful. Maybe it was the drought or maybe I watered too much...or maybe they just don't like me! You could also try staking them next year. Larimer County Colorado. Please comment. Growth height: 40 cm to 2 m 9. big, white inflorescence with a diameter of 15 to 30 cm 10. blooming period from July until September 11. sterile decorative flowers 12. s… Hardy in U.S. Helen Battersby is a gardener, a writer, a power-walker and a garden coach, not always in that order! We never prune them, ever, didn't know you were supposed to. Annabelle never fails to bloom because unlike many other hydrangeas, Annabelle blooms on current years growth. Sigh. Hi.If you still have those roots, I'd be happy to pick them up and spread the beauty in Toronto. With 15 plants, staking would become a big job for you, though, and you probably chose Annabelle for its easy care. Those are lovely! Here is how I divide my Annabelle hydrangeas:1. Mine have FULL sun from about 5:30 until 7:30 pm, ONLY. I have been patiently waiting until my Annabelle hydrangeas were just right, so I could cut off the blooms and dry them. I have replanted 2 or 3 times until finally I have given up! Master Gardener Mary Costello shows how to spring prune Annabelle Hydrangea for maximum bloom No rain at all here, but the Annabelles look fabulous. In 2021, our garden journal is 29 years old! Make sure the hydrangeas have dappled shade most of the day. Dig out all of the roots that go with that section and water the new plants well until they get established. If you can imagine snowflakes 12 inches across, you will have a sense of the extraordinary blossoms of the Annabelle hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens "Annabelle"). It's blooms are standing upright. 1. If you try that, wait until spring and cut straight down from a stem. Please go to ArtbyTrishJones.com, Several people have asked how to divide hydrangeas. This Photographer's Life (Architecture + Interior Design). Origin: North America 6. perennial plant 7. bush with thick, wide growth 8. How to Prune an Annabelle Hydrangea. P.S. Cut them back in spring (not fall) to just above a set of fat buds. Here is my diagram. You can use the same technique recommended for dividing most perennials -- digging up the plant at the most auspicious moment and dividing the root clump into two or more plants. In the few weeks between the retirement of our Blogger blog and the refinement of our new one (unfortunately, we lost a few comments during that brief time), a commenter mentioned that he uses tomato cages, cut open, to support his ‘Annabelle’ hydrangeas. A: Not many shrubs can be divided a la perennial flowers, but hydrangeas are an exception - and probably one of the easiest to "make babies" this way. I think I'd better water mine a little. We can't add anything worthwhile to this conversation, but enjoyed reading it! I planted Annabelle with the expectation that she would flop and boy did she ever! Plant genus: Hydrangea 4.

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