At that moment, Bailey reveals that her father was against hiring her assistants, however, he relented when Bailey pointed out that he had only given her a mere million dollars to start up the company in the first place. Nicole Blume Mrs. Mutesa agreed with a nod, and Raven reiterated to Booker that he was badly behaved. LaTonya was the Event Coordinator of fashionNow. Unknown Sheridan then spotted her father entering the gym, but before moving across the room to greet him, she slugs Booker in the same place,  in an apparent gesture of farewell. Brianna Reed Brown Poncho Hodges Nickname(s) Relationships Appears in The Chi-Lective turns the tide, and manages to charm their young audience. Appears in After the message ends, an incredulous Peggy can only ask, "You lost my daughter?" Sunrise Mahoney was played by Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja. Applicants were limited to the L.A. area, and were encouraged to watch this. Maral Milani Claire was played by LaTonya Croff. Peggy Occupation The Judge waits as the show begins with the usual introduction of the plaintiff and the defendant to the television audience along with the details of their conflict. Raven quickly specified herself as a spider. Occupation Chicago, Illinois Eye color Production The character was described as "AN ANDY RICHTER TYPE MAN"  Indicating he was named after the famed actor/comedian/late-night sidekick. With his twin brother, Quatro, and his cousin, Lil Lo-Lo, they comprise the 3 Go's music group. Appearance When  Antoine asked who was actually going to take the picture, Booker screamed to Chelsea Grayson to hurry over to the camera. Brown Travis was portrayed by Nicolas Cantu. Female Her mothering instincts alerted, Raven uncovers that the boy, Andrew, was leaving home to be with his grandmother, as he felt the arrival of his new baby sister had made his parents forget all about him. Affiliations Eye color General Burton Justin Randall Timberlake (born January 31, 1981), occasionally known by his initials JT, is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer. Upon learning that the twin sibling of their science classmate, Nia Baxter-Carter, had access to special perks at the local barber shop,  Jordan's pal, William, suggested that they befriend Booker. The album was supported by the two top ten singles, "Filthy" and "Say Something". Resides in Hair color Appearance Booker leads the way followed by Wally with the plate of cookies, Levi leaves, after telling the girls it was time hip-hop karaoke. Brown When Chelsea asked how the Captain how he knew her, he explained how prevalent her product had become to the Coast Guard, and how it was changing the very lexicon of the organization, which he hoped would eventually spread to the U.S. Navy as well. Booker Baxter (crush) As Booker takes Chelsea back to her room, Nia quickly makes Power a lunch composed of random nearby foodstuffs. Full name Female Security Guard Booker insists the story is true because he heard it from a reliable source. Portrayed by Sunrise Aquarium Mahoney was the child of two iconic musical stars. He draws Nia in by finally accepting her Pow request to be a Peanut Pal. Raven agreed and took her to 352 Hauser Avenue. The character was described as "(PUT TOGETHER, INTENSE)", Priya's coffee business was called "Ground Up. Enemies Chelsea then also kneels to inspect Jillian's outfit and opines that she wishes it came in an adult size. Producing the dangling identification card, Mrs. Dunagan declares that she selected someone with a unique perspective, that she is certain that the entire class can learn from--Booker Baxter-Carter. Booker tried to point out that he was attacked first, but his mother didn't seem to particularly care. He explains that he got it from his older brother,  and offers the device to Booker for him to sample for himself. Hair color Sometime later, Brenda discovers the pair have been freed and gets ready to fight, but before she can, Chelsea snaps at her, having just wanted one night out where they could have fun, which was ruined by Brenda. Appears in When Raven asks if she has something else to carry the candy in, as the bowl belonged to her mother, but Peggy shoots her a hostile glare that changes her mind. Sheridan treated him quite coldly, and they held a brief conversation. Appearance Male Brown LaTonya Croff was not credited for the role. Black with Magenta steaks General Sheridan striking Booker on the arm was reminiscent of Loca hitting Eddie Thomas in the same manner during. She has established a Neighborhood Youth Council in her district, which Nia was eager to participate in. Raven thanks LaTonya, and both women notice the ripped condition of Sebastian's shirt, but neither woman wish for him to elaborate. Darnell was a resident of 352 Hauser Avenue, that moved in just before Halloween. General Big Little Surprise Portrayed by Diss Track Appears in Eye color Shortly before starting her annual Young Leaders of Tomorrow weekend, held at West Pullman Mindful Retreat, Councilwoman Johnson is delighted to meet Shinée Dubois, the famed editor of fashionNOW! Several members of talent have come out against it, including director Christopher Nolan who called HBO Max the "worst streaming service." Margaret However, all her misgivings evaporated as Chris Spring-Lake announced N'Charmony as the official victors of the Radio Eclipse Live finals, and handed the group the large trophy. Romances He awakes to find himself bound and gagged by a panicked Chelsea, in front of the puzzled Baxter family--and his own mother. Gender Kickin' It (TV Series 2011–2015) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Full name Now towering over the dark-haired woman Flex questioned the word what not, specifying that the only what not she was going to do was not stand there and give him lip because she had push ups to do. Affiliations Jordan dismisses the warning as merely what grown ups say to keep kids from having fun. Observing the progress of the participants, the process appears to been running smoothly, until Councilwoman Johnson turns around to witness a mother tripping over a cone, causing her to collide into her daughter, sending them both crashing to the floor. Even when Sheridan left her father's side to get them both refreshments, Antoine Decker steadfastly kept to this firm stance. Shortly afterwards, she and Miles (who possesses the power of suggestion) argue over who has the better ability, until the other student uses his power to both win the conversation and "push" Leslie into having the urge to use the restroom. Brown Appearance But the night of the fashion show, Loretta gets a call from Raven, explaining that, because of her kids taking advantage of his friendship, Lil' Z is planning to not show up for the show. Giving her son the stink eye, Raven asked Mrs. Mutesa how to say "You're going to get it," in her language. Booker Baxter (good friend)Levi Grayson (good friend)TessNia Baxter General Gender The special hook of Lip Kitty Cosmetics were that they were flavored like breakfast food. Vance was a student at George Washington Carver Community School. Resides in Chicago, Illinois Duchess was the leader of N'Charmony, an acapella group in the Radio Eclipse Live finals. Appears in Occupation She adds that she wants her promised puppy, and to meet "that fine Chris Pratt." He is among the students that witness Booker accurately predicting Sienna's avocado toast and toes. Female La Dee Da (musical group) How I Met Your Mentor Brown The redhead on the floor opines if relaxation is what she is feeling now. Unknown Timothée School The excited voices of both Raven and Chelsea are heard as they appear to be calling for Jillian. Brown Kyle notes that Kyle was promised art, and Kyle hates fibbers. Relationships A male character named "Jamie" appears in. Family She was struck by a bolt of lightning, as a result, her spirit returns every Halloween to haunt the residents. Eye color Eager for a change, Andrea asked to inspect her prospective workspace before making any commitments. Resides in Resides in Gender All Sewn Up Resides in Eunetta High (while in Chicago) Chris then tells Raven and "Kelsey" to show how they will get Meg on "the fast track to bounce back." Jamie (GWCHS Student)  was a student of George Washington Carver High School that met Sasha at the Flavor Fest concert. General Hair color While in Chicago, Timothée lives at 352 Hauser Avenue with his host family, the Davises, while on a 3-week exchange student program at Eunetta High. Student Booker then receives a text which is automatically transferred to the gaming screen. Eye color When Raven and Chelsea return with a pile of clothes and admit they have lost track of their elderly charge, Joe, Lawrence loses his composure, and takes the opportunity to place the blame squarely on his workplace nemesis, Larry, and fires him. Several weeks later, Gloria and the driver have another encounter, as Gloria accuses the driver of leaving the window open leading to Carmichael nearly being hit in traffic chasing after that falcon, but the driver jokes that Carmichael looks like he still has about eight lives left. General An understanding and sympathetic Bailiff lent Raven her uniform hat after the judge instructed a reluctant Raven (as she was having a bad hair day) to take off her own. Eye color Resides in Elder Care Worker Phil Jablonski was portrayed by Bruno Amato. Student Andy Bustillo Student Caught, the trio of would-be thieves, stopped their efforts and assumed the most casual poses they could, under the circumstances. Resides in Brown As an educated, intelligent, and independent minded woman, she has become a role model for women not just in America, but all over the world. Natalie was a character in the kids'  favorite television show,  Weirder Things. It's for the, "You really shouldn't leave your rehearsal footage around, little man." Production On Halloween, Travis is among the group of students gathered to hear Booker tell a ghost story. However, the next day, Quatro learns that in response, Booker has released his own diss track on The Chi-Lective MeTube web page, "Booker Strikes Back," which skewers the 3 Go's. Phil Jablonski (son) Tess, who has followed him inside, even claims one closely resembles a former neighbor kid, who allegedly moved to St. Louis. She was impressed by an invention called the "Instant Abs" Cummerbund. Unnamed mother Mr. Clark was played by Andy Bustillo. Mei Appearance Resides in Logan introduces himself, and confirms that he had just moved from Hawaii. Her father gave her a million dollars to start her company. General Surprised the deal was made so easily, Raven tells her friend Chelsea to get the money. Miguel Harris Duchess Chloë Brown Mei was played by Cyrina Fiallo. Brown Male Mr. Arthur was the proprietor of the Bray Avenue location of Radio E-Clips by Chris Spring-Lake. Kimrie Lewis-Davis Relationships Within a few minutes the trio have constructed a much more elaborate bedding edifice, and are so impressed by their efforts that they decide to institute additional security declaring that only those who know the password  "Password McPassword" are allowed entrance. Jared was played by Kaiden Williams Chapman. Brown Occupation Production The script named her mother as "Dreamweaver II.". Sasha wants Nia to hide Raven's jacket in the backpack and pulls out the purloined purse. Captain Rob Smith USCG Jared The character was originally called "Quatro's Mom," but when the O'Neal twins were cast, she became "Quatro/Pump-Fake's Mom" and was given the surname of Mutesa. School The only enjoyment he shows is stealing the cannolis baked by Mrs. Guntzenheimer meant for the Baxter twins. The Student Journalist was a student at George Washington Carver Community School. After Mrs. Mutesa and Raven Baxter arrived and were introduced to each other by Principal Kwan, the announcement was made for their boys to report to the cafeteria. The next day, by chance, William happens to be in the same classroom from before, when Booker finds him. Full name Even Bailey is impressed, as the crowd erupts with applause. Production Chicago, Illinois Family Chicago, Illinois Now knowing that he was selected on his own merit, Booker suggests that he could now give himself extra credit. My mom's at a recording sesh and she'll  be back here later." Bouncer Appearance For his live performances, including the eponymous concert tour for the albums, he began performing with his band The Tennessee Kids, composed by instrumentalists and dancers. Eye color Male General Garrett finally admits that "There is absolutely no good reason for what I did, there never could be." ", This is the second time a character named "Sasha" appears, the previous one was a, The character was described as "(AN OVER THE TOP SIXTEEN YEAR OLD WHO MAKES JOJO SIWA LOOK TAME.}". Moose Rump, Maine Yet in each case, Sheridan's father explained that the night belonged to his daughter, thus, all his attention was focused solely on her, and thus politely refused all such fan requests. On the filming day for her segment, the production crew directs Meg to the Your Best Dressed Life offices,  the setting for the shoot. Gender Female ", "Your whole family doesn't seem to grasp the complexities of the televised legal system." Production Affiliations Brown (For point of comparison, there are currently 17 Warner Bros. movies coming to HBO Max in 2021.). At the end of the week, Jax has arranged to have the Eternally 16 executives attend the unveiling of the new line of clothes on the rooftop of Raven's apartment building at 352 Hauser Avenue. Jordan (GWCCS Student) was a student at George Washington Carver Community School. Eye color Reunited the pair step back to have a conversation. Occupation The Guntz begins his presentation by showing clips from Pastry Chef Showdown, depicting his mother victorious in both phases of the competition, baking and wrestling. Relationships Convinced that his parents were too preoccupied caring only for his newborn sister, to notice anything he did, Andrew decided to leave his home and live with his grandmother. After the show has wrapped, the bearded sound guy approaches her to resume their conversation, and a laughing Meg unconsciously starts to toy with a cord from his microphone. Raven tells her to tell all her friends about it and Gloria promises she will. Booker tries to focus the camera, and chuckles to himself, when he realizes he needs to adjust the camera stand to accommodate Antoine Decker's above normal height, before snapping their picture. Appears in Margaret proudly announces the she now has the confidence to wear Raven's fashions "Every day in Every way!" Mr. Clark was a resident of 352 Hauser Avenue, who continually clashed with Raven Baxter over the use of the tenant shared Laundry Room. Appearance Eye color Gloria agrees, declaring  that it is even better, as she never expected Raven to beautifully capture  the tearful expression Carmichael has when Gloria leaves, so purr-fectly. Male The first person selected to speak is Nia Baxter-Carter, unfortunately, she does not take her turn and had apparently left the vicinity.

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