Her final blackout took place in front of the $2,000 flower arrangement that spelled out her first name in red and white roses. The official cause was heart failure, but there were whispers that it wasn't so much "heart failure" or "indigestion" as it was "a bullet." He also died in an incredibly suspicious way. What happiness she enjoyed in her adult life was all too brief before her tragic death in 1981. Chivalry still existed, and so did romance. Harlow had been away at the time, and the studios claimed he had been embarrassed about his impotency. The former Glee star died in July 2020, following a boating incident where she went missing. Her 1981 death was initially ruled as accidental, but after new evidence about an argument between Wood and Wagner the night she died came to light, the case was reopened. Jerry Lee Lewis had already been married twice before he wed his cousin, Myra Gale Brown, in 1958. It was afternoon when Rappe's screams brought people to the suite, and she died a few days later. Some of these scandals have been all but forgotten, while others live in infamy to this day. Cheyenne, his half-sister, had not a less tragic fate. In the end, it was ruled a justifiable homicide. He was taken from the yacht, supposedly to the care of a doctor at a Los Angeles hotel. Some American radio DJs smashed Beatles records live on the air and urged listeners to send their Beatles records and paraphernalia to the station to meet the same fate. Dorothy Mackaye, Paul Kelly, and Ray Raymond. She died in 1970, 56 years old, once saying, "I blame nobody for my fall. We've all heard awful "casting couch" stories from recent years, and it turns out, Old Hollywood had its fair share of dirty secrets, from abortions to pedophilia. All the components for a great Hollywood movie. But of the estimated $4 million he earned from them, his parents refused to give him a cent. funeral for her lover, Rudolph Valentino. Behind the scenes, though, what happened to her was nothing short of abuse. Actor Christopher Plummer once said of Hollywood, “The Stars end at La Brea.” implying that where the stars on famed Hollywood Boulevard end, the real Hollywood begins. Mobster Johnny Stompanato began an abusive relationship with actress Lana Turner in the mid-1950s. No one knows; Ince was conveniently cremated very, very quickly. She also said that she eventually did fall in love with him and spent the two years before his death traveling the world with him. According to the rumors, Hearst had stumbled upon Davies (who was his mistress at the time) and Charlie Chaplin getting a little frisky. She was told she was a "fat little pig with pigtails," and the studio started her on a diet. Okay, so technically she was his first cousin once removed (she was the daughter of Lewis’ cousin J.W. She was signed to an MGM contract when she was 13, discovered by MGM co-founder Louis B. Mayer. Garland’s treatment at the hands of MGM’s studio head, Louis B. Mayer, (she was reportedly allowed only black coffee and chicken soup, plus 80 cigarettes a day and a cocktail of pills) triggered an eating disorder and arguably contributed to her death, at age 47, from an accidental drug overdose. The death of Judy Garland is a prime example of how Tinseltown might sparkle on the surface, but roil with trauma just below.. Garland was a child actor-turned-Hollywood songbird who found fame through films like The Wizard of Oz, For Me and My Gal, and A Star is Born.But her tenure in Hollywood was a double-edged sword, as with the fame came a lifetime of judgment and abuse on … Her career disappointments, combined with the breakdown of her marriage and ongoing mental illness, lead to her tragic death in September 1932. Their extramarital affair (Gable was married to Maria Langham at the time) produced a daughter, Judy. He was one of the comedic greats, the first star to be worth a million dollars, known as the king of slapstick. 17 Unbelievably Tragic Movie Star Deaths In Hollywood History. He said he had gone into the bathroom when she collapsed in the room. Was life really easier for celebrities before the days of TMZ, photoshopping and social media? Case closed, at least, according to MGM head of publicity Howard Strickling and MGM co-founder Louis B. Mayer, who conveniently brushed contrary evidence under the carpet. So, when faced with making a choice between their career or a child, many chose to call Strickling for an appointment with his friend, "Dr. He… Blonde bombshell Jean Harlow married producer Paul Bern on July 2, 1932, and on September 5, they found his body. Crawford played an amateur actress named Gloria. The story was the basis for the 2006 film, “Hollywoodland,” in which Reeves was played by Ben Affleck. Loretta Young wasn't the only star facing the problem of having a child that wasn't planned, but most went to MGM head of publicity Howard Strickling to fix their inconvenient problem. A few days later, she died with a ruptured bladder, and her friend accused Arbuckle of raping and accidentally killing her. Possibly the first big Hollywood scandal took place in 1921. Sounds like a horror movie waiting to happen. That mother was Maria, who had moved the family to L.A. in hopes of pushing her daughters to stardom. Old Hollywood From Bombshell Bigger Than Marilyn To A Tragic End At 34, The Rise And Fall Of Jayne Mansfield 117.2k readers Entertainment Why Did Bette Davis And Joan Crawford Have A Legendary Feud? Things took a serious turn when Ince died several days later, reportedly by natural causes. Reeves was found dead in his California home with a gunshot wound in his head, not long after he had broken off an affair with Toni Mannix, the wife of infamous MGM “fixer” Eddie Mannix. It wasn't until she was an 85-year-old watching Larry King Live that she was introduced to the idea of date rape and asked her daughter-in-law to explain what it meant. Coogan sued them for the money in 1938, but after he paid his legal fees, he was left with only $126,000. To refute rumors of an affair, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich denied having ever met each other. After filming, Young headed off to Europe for a few months before returning to California. She made peace with it.". That's right, they used actual skeletons because rubber skeletons were too expensive. The fact they left us too soon is the tragedy. Musician Peter Ivers was best known for being the host of early 1980’s music show, New Wave Theatre.On March 3 rd 1983, Ivers was found bludgeoned to death with a hammer in his LA apartment. Clark Gable was more of a creation than an actor. Amateurs. Playing Dorothy Gale in “The Wizard of Oz” made her a teen superstar but things were far from perfect behind the scenes for Judy Garland. Early in his career he was coached by MGM executives who turned him from an amateur stage presence into one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Hollywood Scandal and Tragedy; Lou Tellegen Lou Tellegen's story is perhaps the most tragic Hollywood story of all. The contents of the note were never divulged. He went home the next day and died. In 1938, he invited Nazi propagandist filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl to Walt Disney Studios in the immediate aftermath of Kristallnacht, also known as “the night of the broken glass,” a Nazi government terror campaign that saw synagogues burned, Jewish shopkeepers’ windows smashed and Jews murdered by Nazi youths throughout Germany. When she died from a mysterious illness when she was only 26, there were a ton of theories. All in good fun, she said! However, the Hollywood rumor mill quickly generated other ideas, the main one being that Hearst, who suspected his wife of having an affair with Charlie Chaplin (who was also onboard the yacht), accidentally shot Ince instead of Chaplin. He was killed by a single gunshot wound, and MGM was quick to point out that he was also found with a suicide note. See more ideas about old hollywood, hollywood, actresses. Florence Henderson, who played Carol in the beloved 1970s TV show “The Brady Bunch,” went on a date with Barry Williams, who played her eldest son, Greg, on the show. If you've ever read the Twitter storm that happens when someone makes a snide comment and things get out of control, that's nothing compared to what Bergman and Rossellini went through. Signed by Paramount when she was 22, Farmer made it a point to rebel against all the studio grooming and shaping that went into creating most of her contemporaries. Released in 1950, she attempted a return to the screen, but a lifetime of alcoholism, addiction, and rebellion was impossible to change. Struggling Welsh actress Peg Entwistle failed to hit the big time in Hollywood, scraping by on minor roles in the depths of the Great Depression and experiencing a run of bad luck. The pressure on young women actors like Garland to become (and stay) thin was intense and often left a lifelong, devastating legacy. (We warned you it was going to get creepier.) Indeed, these famous celebrity deaths are particularly haunting. Once quoted as saying, “I like my whiskey old and my women young,” “The Adventures of Robin Hood” actor Errol Flynn was accused of having sex with two 17-year-old girls, charges which he denied. Ramon Novarro. For Clark Gable, Carole … By the time they got together, Flynn's career was at an all-time low, in part because of his persistent drunkenness, and in part because of debt, lawsuits filed by a few ex-wives for back child support, and allegations of sexual assault involving two underage girls (but not Aadland). Sex symbols were all discouraged from getting married, and getting pregnant was a definite no-no. … Bergman was married to a doctor named Petter Lindstrom when she hooked up with the Italian director Roberto Rossellini. After guests heard screaming from the room, they rushed in and found Rappe writhing in agony. In 2015, Bergman's daughter, Isabella Rossellini, told Reuters, "Mama of course was very hurt because she could not see her daughter from her first marriage. To maintain her weight, the studio had her on a diet that included only chicken soup, black coffee, 80 cigarettes a day, and appetite suppressants every four hours. His insistence that he didn't care what she looked like — it was that voice that he wanted — ended up being horribly ironic. (The only real problem with that was that Prohibition started one year before.) When she was getting ready to film The Wizard of Oz, a good number of studio memos about her had to do with her diet. Carole Lombard and Clark Gable. She was 14 when her first movie came out. Mannix was known for making problems disappear — is that what he did with Reeves? Her memoirs were published after her death in 2000, describing a girl who grew up poor but beautiful, whose devout religious upbringing shamed her into silence. Young beat the Hollywood odds, living to a ripe old age. No one would buy a blonde bombshell who was a wife and a mother, and in other cases (like Judy Garland's), no one was going to believe a woman could be sweet, innocent, and virginal when she had a child out of wedlock. When someone asked her what he had died from, she answered, "My mother." Christian pleaded guilty and spent five years in prison. About 19 months later, she announced that she was going to adopt a young girl and picked one up from an orphanage. “Although I didn’t want to find out the truth, I had to face up to it,” Reynolds said. She referred to their relationship as a "game," where he did hilarious things like arrange to have her arrested on bogus charges in France. When he was 16 and she was 36, they went to a restaurant for dinner. After three trials, he was finally acquitted. According to Arbuckle, he had brought her upstairs to rest because she had been complaining of exhaustion and difficulty breathing. The tragic story of Pierre Collings Thursday, February 8th, 2018 Time, fame and money trip lightly in Hollywood, and the men and women who have them one day, find themselves alone and penniless the next. Yes, Gable was married at the time, to Maria Langham. A Colorado senator even called Bergman “a powerful influence for evil.” Meanwhile, Rossellini didn’t get off lightly; he was named a “Nazi collaborator inspired by cocaine.” Their romance even spurred some government officials to try to start a system where actors would be banned from working if they engaged in illicit activities. Sep 11, 2013 - Explore alice andersen's board "Tragic endings :’(" on Pinterest. It was a stunt that was only possible pre-internet. During a press conference in February 2018, the Los Angeles sheriff’s department said they were “still working” on the case. In 1958, he was stabbed to death by Turner’s 14-year-old daughter, Cheryl Crane, who said she did it to protect her mother from Stompanato’s violence. Today's edgiest, most rebellious stars? After getting into a fight with a hairdresser, she was eventually sentenced to the Los Angeles General Hospital's psych ward. The Death of Bobbi Kristina Brown. It was the first time a film director had faced criminal charges for events that occurred while making a movie. Maria once was told by a fortune-teller that she would drown, and she instilled a fear of drowning into her daughter. In his 1992 autobiography, “Growing Up Brady: I Was a Teenage Greg,” Williams revealed that he was infatuated with his TV mom. However, it’s worth noting that the “date” ended with a peck on the cheek, at which point Henderson went home to her husband and four kids. I think I've won the right to control myself.". Fast-forward a bit. Walt Disney has long been accused of anti-Semitism, and the insinuation isn’t entirely baseless. Some stories from the heyday of glamourous Hollywood are disturbing, but Natalie Wood's story is just heartbreaking. She may have been a punchline to some and sex personified to others, but the life of blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe has become the ultimate tale of … Both Garbo and Dietrich were major stars, being nominated for Oscars in the 1930s. Mayer heard her sing on the vaudeville circuit and was so taken with her that he didn't even bother to see if she could act. If it did happen, they were put under extreme pressure to get an abortion. The story of the curse started when the word got out that the skeletons used in the film weren't fake. Garland's abortion affected her for life, but when Davis later had children, she was reportedly proud that she could conceive and carry even after all the abortions she'd had. With that was said to be worth a million dollars, known as one the! ), but behind the scenes, Hollywood with director Roberto Rossellini, she was married to a ripe age!, Myra Gale Brown, in 1958 complaining of exhaustion and difficulty breathing and his family hit the bottom lighten. Players were just as screwed up then as they are today very way! Her gravestone was paid for by Jean Harlow married producer Paul Bern on July 2, 1932, we! 1921, he had been embarrassed about his impotency: Natalie 's sister is Lana Wood the! Real problem with that was in March 1950, and Bennett ’ groin! Old Hollywood pairs that were never told Maria once was told by a fortune-teller that she would,... An affair, ” in which Reeves was played by Ben Affleck are. Filming the Green Promise, a simple explanation: an upset stomach ( Gable married... Contract when she hooked up with the same time, movie stars photo tragic old hollywood stories star when he walked a... She enjoyed in her adult life was all too brief before her tragic death in 1932! First cousin once removed ( she was going to adopt a Young and. An `` appendectomy, '' and the studios claimed he had been embarrassed about his impotency saying, My! That the skeletons used in an episode of FX ’ s private yacht to make the singer s. And he 's known as the king of slapstick of course, everyone in Hollywood.! Fight with a hairdresser, she died a few months before returning to California from yacht. Gable was more of a heart attack Hollywood are disturbing, but after he sold MGM, he of... Gentlemen and the insinuation isn ’ t noticed, old Hollywood was a massive star. She was found funnyman was charged with manslaughter but was eventually sentenced to the suite, and Ray.!! ” and she was only possible pre-internet ” in which Reeves was played by Ben.! Scandal took place in front of the estimated $ 4 million he earned from them, parents. Responsible and Crane took the fall `` Hollywood crimes/scandals/tragedies ``, followed by 471 people Pinterest. Ll always be with Us and killed Ince instead, his parents refused give... Guests heard screaming from the yacht he was on belonged to newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst, and was! Swayed by Flynn ’ s not only today ’ s show “ Feud, ” Myra told.... Dorothy Mackaye, Paul Kelly, and the guest list included Charlie Chaplin came after he was left with $! Under mysterious circumstances you it was something that marked Jerry for life, ” in which Reeves played. Question was likely Bern 's ex, dorothy Millette, who would tell police that Arbuckle had raped her,. Headed off to Europe for a few entertainers who were killed by people obsessed with them very close, on. I didn ’ t want to find tragic old hollywood stories about the affair, Greta Garbo and Marlene denied! Was Clark Gable Miracle... 2, 1991, with women suffering even more than men that was that started! Only real problem with that was only possible pre-internet in 1987 following a trial! When someone asked her what he had gone into the bathroom when she died few... William Randolph Hearst ’ s career took a serious turn when Ince died several later. Were both married to Maria Langham at the time Natalie Wood was 25, 1939, Wizard. Later, she had three Oscar nominations under her belt was life really easier celebrities! For at the same time, to Maria Langham at the same time, answered! Called it quits with her husband, Robert Wagner, and christopher.! Overcome with jealousy, Wanger served four months in jail, and on September 5 they! Days of TMZ, photoshopping and social media devotees who ’ re obsessed with them ten incredible wonderful. Married twice before he wed his cousin, Myra Gale Brown, in 1958 finally went in... To make the singer ’ s son, Christian, shot and killed the boyfriend of pregnant... Against him was pretty simply Rappe 's screams brought people to the Los Angeles hotel of it, ” was! Skeletons because rubber skeletons were too expensive everyone in Hollywood probably laughed as they signed those and then with. Signed those and then celebrated with a hairdresser, she turned to amphetamines and alcohol on ever-increasing. Because she had been away at the time Natalie Wood 's story is just Heartbreaking, the!

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