In Madurai, this river flows at a distance of 240Km from West to East direction. The heart brims over with emotion. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. River Vaigai is an holy angel of Tamilnadu, which was narrated in several ancient tamil literature by the famous poets, scholars, kings of … As per an estimate, 16, 662 million litres of contaminated water is produced daily in towns with a population of one million in India. All these rivers, except Kridhumaal join with the great Vaigai river nearer to the places around the Vaigai Dam which is situated in Theni district, whereas Kridhumaal joins Vaigai in Madurai. Read more. Taking note that the marriage has already taken place, he plunges into the river Vaigai and walks through to nearby Vandiyur. We're not around right now. Sangam literature, of around 300 BC, has great references to this Vaigai River. All the major water supply schemes in Madurai district have been formulated with Vaigai river as a source. “If anyone bathes in the river, then his sins must disappear. Vaigai River is closely associated with the Chithirai festival of Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple at Madurai. Locals in Madurai witnessed toxic foam on parts of the Vaigai river and the Sellur pond on Saturday due to excessive water pollution. 96008 52490, Copyrights @ 2017. Vaigai rises in the Varushanad Hills in west flows northeast through the Kambam and Varushanad valleys. Use methods to reduce water pollution in all activities. Cause ways 3. Today we bring, river flowing through Madurai, Vaigai River. It is built across the river Vaigai. If one bathes in the Ganges, it takes one second for one’s sins to be vanquished. The Periyar river which flows westward of Kerala in to the Arabian sea was diverted eastwards to flow towards the Bay of Bengal to provide water to the arid rain shadow region of Madurai in Madras Presidency which was in dire need of a greater supply of water than the small Vaigai River could provide. There are many cities and towns near the rivers, which are facing these issues. The details of these bridges and its utility are given below. It provides water for irrigation for the Madurai district and the Dindigul district as well as drinking water to Madurai and Andipatti. View from the top is worth climbing those steps. Sangam literature (circa 300 B.C) has paid many tributes to Vaigai, extolling it as 'the river that brings water when one touches it', viz the etymology Vai (place your) + gai (hands) = place one's hands. View from the top of the dam is awesome. Not to use biologically non-degradable materials such as plastic. It is like a garland for Goddess Meenakshi, who rules Madurai. #ETimesCelebTracker: Today's 20 best celeb moments. Water is essential for life and access to clean drinking water is a necessity for good health. So, if there is soil conservation, we can stop water pollution to some extent. Eyes are clouded with tears of joy. The way to stop soil erosion is planting more plants or trees. The foam was a … Today we bring, river flowing through Madurai, Vaigai River. Wednesday, July 01, 2020. It is also important to pay attention to car or oil spills from other machines. But the effort is to look at the river, its history, its use and how it was been brought to the state it is now. Top of the dam can be reached by climbing about 100 steps. From a very young age, she made up her mind to marry Lord Shivaand none else. Vaigai river flows through the Kambam Valley in the northeast direction. Cauvery Vaigai, and kuntaru river Link project ராமநாதபுரம், ஜன. The water levels in the Vaigai river and the Sellur pond in Madurai rose significantly after heavy rains lashed parts of the city for almost two hours. The Lord agreed, whereupon the Ganges gushed forth as the river Vaigai. Decline in the water quality of rivers flowing through the plains. The Vaigai river, which was known for its clean water until a few years ago is undergoing drastic changes when it comes to cleanliness. Madurai is situated on the banks of the Vaigai River. The scientific revolution has generated massive employment and made millions of people happy. In the beginning, we should reduce or not use such products that include harmful organic compounds. The best solution of water pollution is to prevent it. But he was now thirsty, and although he drank up all the water that was available, he still continued to be thirsty. If it rains, the level will increase,” the official said. Its descent to the earth was faster than wind, and so the river is also known as Vegavathi. There are polluted water bodies around which population lives in large numbers. However, clean drinking water is not available everywhere, due to water scarcity and pollution of existing water resources. River Kundar is the another river flowing in this District from South to West. All the major water supply schemes has been formulated with Vaigai River as source. Will update the time of Sri Kalazhagar entering Vaigai River soon. Vaigai Dam is situated about 68 Kms from Madurai City. Due to extensive research and manufacturing of new drugs, people are enjoying a longer lifespan. Below are some ways, through which this issue can be resolved: River is a gift of nature, which is the life blood of the planet earth. In most cases there is very little treatment of water and this way it contaminates 80 percent of fresh water flowing on the surface of the land. Photos / Vaigai river Photogallery ... Today's 20 best celeb moments. This interesting city has a good atmosphere and is a popular place to visit. But the moment one steps into the Vaigai, one’s sins disappear. 37, Katrapalayam street, The regions irrigated from the water reserved with the help of this dam cover an area of 59,000 hectares. Date of experience: February 2020. The Periyar Dam was built in 1895 by John Pennycuick, who implemented a plan proposed over a century earlier by Pradani Muthirulappa Pillai of Ramnad. Scientific and technological progress of the past two hundred years has made the life of the man very comfortable. The largest source of it is the sewage water without treatment, as also water coming from pesticides-ridden fields, and chemical waste producing small and big industries. India As a result, it has given rise to environmental issues on a long-term basis. It is one of the oldest cities in India, over 2,500 years old. Water is polluted due to soil erosion too. Thus the name & river Vaigai came into existent. The Vaigai is historic. It is one of the major utsavam that takes places in Madurai and lakhs of devotees took part in this utsavam. Vaigai means ‘the river that brings water when one touches it’. In India, the biggest cause of water pollution is urbanization taking place at a fast and unbridled pace. The first dam was washed away by floods, and a second masonry dam was constructed in 1895. Around a few decades before, the Tamilnadu government planned to start construction of Dam across Vaigai near Madurai to help in water problem for Madurai and Dindigul districts. Madurai is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu, next to Chennai. Vaigai flows eastward into the Vaigai reservoir at Narasingapuram. Madurai Sungudi is the tie-and-dye art of Madurai situated on the banks of the Vaigai river in Tamil Nadu. The Thiruvilayadal Puranam, in which the story of Vaigai is told, is divided into many sections. Today, we have to face several types of pollution – air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, etc. It affects the whole of the world, as water is the basis of life. The Lord then commanded the river Ganges, which He bore in His matted locks, to descend to the earth as a river, to satisfy Gundotharan’s thirst. In fact, the disposal and treatment of polluted water is a huge issue today. Vaigai River is the important River flowing in Madurai District which flows 240 kms from West to East . flood in madurai vaigai river Must Read     #KnowYourRivers : Noyyal River, Must Read  Rally for Rivers -SAve our Soil. TV actress Shama Sikander's gorgeous photos shake up the internet. As per reports, the foam is a result of the mixing of wastewater and rainwater. Vaigai River, river in Tamil Nadu state, southern India, flowing 150 miles (240 km) generally southeast.Rising in the Varushanad Hills of western Tamil Nadu, it initially flows northeast through the Kambam and Varushanad valleys. Over bridges 2. In these areas, disposal of sewage water is a big problem. Fire department officials were called to spray water along a channel of the Vaigai river, over a bridge in the Sellur area. The judicious use of Vaigai River water is benefitting people in large numbers in Tamil Nadu's Madurai. Death rate has gone down significantly. On Chitra Pournami day Lord Kallazhagar (Vishnu), the elder brother of Goddess Meenakshi enters the Vaigai River. This polluted water passing through the surface poisons the groundwater. The toxic foam was observed due to water pollution. The quality of river water is influenced by various natural factors such as rainfall, temperature and weathering of rocks and anthropogenic activities which alter the hydrochemistry of river water. Get all the latest Photos and updates on Vaigai River only on Near Sholavandan it bends to the southeast, passing Madurai on its course to its mouth on Palk Strait. Similarly, Vaigai is an ancient river attested in the Sangam texts. Today , Vaigai is dry round the year; for Kallalagar's idol to take the customary dip, government builds a makeshift tank on the riverbed. Madurai: Nearly 40 tonnes of garbage was removed from the Vaigai river in a mass cleaning programme organized by the Madurai Corporation between Kamarajar Bridge near Bethaniyapuram and Kuruvikkaran Salai. Namely Madurai, Theni, Dindigul, Sivagangai and Ramanathapuram. The level of water in Madurai's water bodies had risen due to the heavy rains that lashed Madurai Friday night. The dam was built by the British Army Engineering corps for the Travancore kingdom. Kurma Avatar – the divine turtle incarnation of Bhagavan Vishnu, Sadhguru at launch of massive plantation drive in Maharashtra, Maha Shivaratri: Night Dedicated to Worship of Lord Shiva, नववर्ष के पूर्व संध्या पर वृक्षारोपण का लिया व्रत, जगद्गुरु आदि शंकराचार्य जयंती विशेष : वचनपालक और मातृभक्त आदि शंकराचार्य से जुड़े कुछ रोचक संस्मरण, जानिए कब और कैसे मनाएं शनि जयन्ती (जन्मोत्सव) वर्ष 2019 में.

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