In similar fashion, the apostles and prophets “were carried along by the Holy Spirit” and not carried along by “the will of man.”. If so, what makes it more of an authority than any other writing that claims divine origin? Max Roberts. “In the New Testament, it’s a little bit more of a process,” Timothy Paul Jones said in his video, How Was it Decided Which Books Would Be put in the Bible? The word Hebrew means a descendant of Eber, but it also identifies where the Hebrews came from. The Bible tells us Eber was the son of … YOu don’t think Paul’s letters (epistles) were inspired and fit to be placed in the Bible? This means you must turn to God and trust in Christ. While the OT books were written in Hebrew, the NT books were written in Greek to reach the whole Roman Empire, beyond the Hebrew-speaking Jews, “but some populations in the Empire knew no Greek,” Christianity Today reported. Peter says that “no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit” (2 Pet 1:21). What Jesus stated in the gospels, many have found reliably true: "I have come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly." The Apostle Peter wrote “All flesh is like grass and all its glory like the flower of grass. Eric Davis talks about the Bible as the inspired Word of God in his article, “What Does it Mean that the Bible Was ‘Inspired?’”, “It does not mean that Scripture is merely the product of significant human achievement. Those who had custody of the manuscripts … Does God Really Close Doors and Open Windows for Us? Who is the Author of Scripture? How would you answer the following questions, as I would have posed them to you in my younger days as an agnostic: 1. It is called the Holy Bible, to make the distinction that it is not … Liturgy and art helped share the Bible’s message and themes to the illiterate. When Paul said scripture was “God-Breathed,” was he also speaking of the very letter he was writing at the time? They used a set of guidelines to recognize which books belonged in the NT “canon.” Lifeway’s article, “Establishing the New Testament Canon,” talks about three guidelines: These guidelines helped unify the church and the NT, then a few different events in the 4th century made it all official. The Greeks called this city Byblos due to its importance in the bublos ("Egyptian papyrus") trade. “When the Bible was first translated into English, it was based in large part on Jerome’s Latin Vulgate.”. I suggest you read this article sir that asks, “How Do We Know the Bible is Really the Word of God?” at;, So if all the prophets had books why didnt jesus have a book or letters i always wondered tht, Thank you Mr. Albarran. “The argument that the Bible has changed has to go in the garbage, instantly. That’s what the “good book” says. A article talked about how different Christian groups viewed these books: “Outside the Holy Land some Jews included twelve to fifteen other books as part of Scripture, [what] we now call the Apocrypha. “Thus, early translations appeared in various languages, notably Latin (becoming the standard language of the Western Empire), Syriac, and Coptic. Biblia is the plural form of biblion, which denotes any written document, but originally one inscribed on papyrus. Does it read like a report of real events, or like fiction? It’s letter for letter the same as it is today. We must understand that hearing alone does not bring salvation, but faith in the message heard does… Salvation comes when the message of the gospel is preached, believed, and then confessed by men. Pew confirmed in its 2018 report that many Americans are unsure about the trustworthiness of their Bibles. Jesus quoted out of the Old Testament, in fact several books, but never once did He quote out of the Apocrypha and besides, these books are not inspired as are the 66 books we have now. Can Loved Ones in Heaven Look Down on You? Every book is represented among the Dead Sea Scrolls, except the book of Esther. Jesus does have a book…in fact, four of them, and they are called the Gospels, and in fact, Jesus is the Word (John 1:1-14). ANSWER: The word Bible comes from the Greek word "Biblos," which is translated "book." What Is 'Sleep Divorce' and Is it Biblical? ..remember he said I come in my father’s name.. had I come … Q. Our English version of the word comes from a Greek word meaning “to pour,” but may also have been influenced by a mix of other cultures and languages, as explained by the Online Etymology Dictionary. It appears in the form of an anthology, a compilation of texts of a variety of forms that are all linked by the belief that they are collectively revelations of God. Third, it comes from belonging to the kingdom of God. The root letters are used to mean cross over, or pass through. It does occur, however, in Luke 10:7 (with exactly the same words in the Greek text). The Meaning of the Word Bible The word Bible itself is simply a transliteration of the Greek word bíblos (βίβλος), meaning "book." By Jack Kelley Thursday May 26th, 2016 About 1 Minutes to Read. 31 Powerful Quotes by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Maybe I misunderstood you sir. The grass withers, and the flower falls, but the word of the Lord remains forever.”, And this word is the good news that was preached to you”, “The sum of your word is truth, and every one of your righteous rules endures forever”, “your testimonies that you have founded them forever”, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek”, “eager to preach the gospel to you also who are in Rome”, “the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God”, “so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it”,,, 5 Bible Facts To Defend The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ. Supposedly the Greek word comes from Byblos in Phoenicia where books are said to have been invented. Why We Can Expect Persecution To Grow Worse This Year, How To Have Godly Patience In An Impatient World, Questions To Ask Before Someone Is Baptized, Ice Dragon: Legend of the Blue Daisies – Movie Review, Phoenix Wilder And The Great Elephant Adventure – Movie Review, The Boxcar Children: Surprise Island – Movie Review. All of our resources exist to guide you toward everlasting joy in Jesus Christ. The word Bible comes from the Greek word "Biblos," which is translated "book." ), does this apply to all of the biblical descriptions of God?. Protestants believe that the Apocrypha is useful but not inspired.”, New Testament authors likely spoke Aramaic at home, Hebrew in “church,” and Greek at work. Some of the books in the Bible began as letters, like with Paul’s letters to the different churches. The word Bible comes from the Greek word "Biblos," which is translated "book." First of all, the Bible is the result of God’s act where he inspired various people to write different books of the Bible over a period of about 1500 years. Daily devotional with John Piper. Over the past few years, researchers and statisticians have been telling us that Americans’ feelings about the Bible are…complicated. Photo Credit: Unsplash/Kira Auf Der Heide. Is the Increase in Violence a Sign of the End Times? Sitemap | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer | Advertise, “no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit”, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away”, “Forever, O LORD, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens”, “All flesh is like grass and all its glory like the flower of grass. It’s been both enforced and banned by governments. There was a very clear vision from the earliest stages of church history about what types of books are the books that Christians –the church– should view as authoritative.”, After Jesus Ascended to heaven, the church would gather to read Scripture together and pray. “We live in a time where you keep hearing stuff like, ‘Oh the Bible was changed in the Middle Ages by the monks,’ and that we don’t know what [the Bible] really says. The grass withers, and the flower falls, but the word of the Lord remains forever.” And this word is the good news that was preached to you” (1 Pet 1:24-25). Upon investigation, that’s not true,” he said. In 393 [A.D.] the Synod of Hippo affirmed our current New Testament, and in 397 [A.D.] the Council of Carthage published the same list,” according to the article. Paul didn’t need to assuage his own statement because “thus says the Lord” appears almost 600 times in the Old Testament and the New Testament is also God-breathed as well. Was Constantine and his non biblical implements along with the non biblical implements of the early Catholic Church divinely driven? It’s the most debated, respected, hated, and loved book in the world. The Apocrypha has some historical accounts that are accurate, but when it’s about doctrine or beliefs, they have many, many doctrinal errors in them. Jesus came, lived, taught, inspired, and brought life to millions who read his words and life today. Related reading about the Bible: How Do We Know the Bible is True? But Lifeway released a 2016 report about how Americans think about that Bible sitting on their bookshelf. What Are "Signs and Wonders" of the End Times? It is taken from Ryrie’s Basic Theology, Electronic Media from Parsons Technology. 25 Encouraging Bible Verses About Strength, Words of Encouragement: 30 Uplifting Quotes. Their report said that only 47% of Americans described the Bible as completely accurate. Bible Study Resources - Tips, Online Bible Search, Devotions. But if you feel doubt about our modern leather-bound OTs, what people discovered in 1946 just might settle it for you. However the word bible comes from the Latin "Biblia" and the Greek "Biblion" which means book, so to say bible is to say book. Where Does The Word Amen Come From? Here is more on the Garden of Eden adn the fall:, Notify me of followup comments via e-mail, Previous post: 5 Bible Facts To Defend The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ. Peter wrote earlier about the good news that was preached to the church (1 Pet 1:25) which is found in the everlasting Word of God and that the “good news” or Scripture has the very power of God behind it. In other words, be sure you understand what you are reading. In case you have time for this trivial question on the origin and use of the word “amen” or similar words. All Rights Reserved. The word “Bible” comes from Koine (common ancient) Greek τὰ βιβλία ta biblia, meaning “the books. Read them in the archive below. Where did this term come from, and what does it mean? Hello Blake. However, take a step further back and the same Greek word also means "scroll" or "parchment." As the gospels, Paul’s letters, and other NT books were written, the church would read those in gatherings as well. The original manuscripts of the Bible were kept in the synagogues. All together you get 66 books telling the grand narrative of God redeeming mankind. In particular, is 'Elohim' one of God's “holy names” as some teach? The message of the Bible offers hope for deliverance, beginning with the Old Testament. Those nearest Palestine tended to exclude them. I know you got yours at Lifeway, but have you ever wondered, “Where did the Bible really come from?”, Photo Credit: Unsplash/Priscilla du Preez. Paul understood that the gospel came attached with its own power as he wrote in Romans 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek” which was why Paul was “eager to preach the gospel to you also who are in Rome” (Rom 1:15). So here we have Paul apparently quoting a portion of Luke’s gospel and calling it “Scripture.” We see evidence that very early in the history of the church the writings of the New Testament began to … These were collected and copied and gathered with the gospels, along with the Old Testament, and assembled into one book and out of one book (biblio) came many books (biblios), known today as the Bible. My key strokes show up and what you see are letter arrangements that hopefully make sense, but I don’t sign these articles by using my computers name or my word processer’s name. WE know we have the Word of God today. These books are collectively referred to as the Bible and include the Book of Genesis all the way to the Book of Revelation. It was never a work of man but of God as these men “were carried along by the Holy Spirit.”  Think of it this way; is my word processor the author behind this article or is it me? Mr. Wellman, Is your comment “Well stated Anthony. What is the Bible? The word “Hebrew” in your Strong’s Concordance means, an Eberite (that is, Hebrew) or descendant of Eber: – Hebrew (-ess, woman). It’s the Word of God, recorded over about 1,500 years by 40 authors. He knew that “the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God” (1 Cor 1:18). It’s popular, sure. Was they ever the word of God? Those who had custody of the manuscripts first used the Greek word to describe the collection, … In reaction the Roman Catholic Church convened a council in Trent, where they declared the Apocrypha to be canonical. The English word “Bible” is from the Greek word “Byblos” and the Latin “biblia” and both mean “books.” These “books” are a collection of writings constituting the sacred text of Scripture. I wrote it, not the processor. Most of those writers didn’t know each other, and they came from different backgrounds ranging form shepherds and fishermen to prophets and kings. I,m willing to know more about how the life affected from the garden of eden,,, for the Adam and eve. The English word bible is ultimately derived from the Greek term biblia, meaning “books.”. Read Hebrews 1. There were even influencers who completely rejected the OT or tried to add new prophecies. I am not sure of your question sir. But can we trust its authenticity? Home » Ask a Bible Teacher » Where Does The Word Amen Come From? Listen to what Jesus said about the Word of God, the Bible: “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away” (Matt 24:35) and since we also know Jesus’ Words are Scripture and He is the Word of God (John 1:1, 14), whatever He said will hold true for time without end. Who determined that to be considered as an “inspired book” a book should be quoted out by Jesus? We can rest in the fact that God’s Word is alive and active and contains the power of God (Heb 4:12-13) which is what Isaiah was saying when He wrote what God said about His Word; “so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it” (Isaiah 55:11). I … God never changes but He wants those who are not saved to change. Those who had custody of the manuscripts first used the Greek word to describe the collection, which later became known as "the Book." Next post: What Is The Biblical View Of Magic? The Bible is not like other divinely claimed books because it has empirical evidence like over 5,000 manuscripts, archeological evidence, historical evidence, and prophetic-fulfillment proofs. “[The Dead Sea Scrolls] are documents of the OT that had been hidden in jars in the desert, where it’s dry, where they’re preserved, for two thousand years,” Metaxas said. Instead, inspiration means this: God the Holy Spirit superintended the human writers of the 66 books of the Bible such that what they wrote were God’s inerrant words to humanity in the original writings. Justin Martyr, a Christian apologist, wrote about these gatherings in 150 A.D. “By this early date, the memoirs of the apostles were considered as important to the teaching of the church as the writings of the prophets,” according to a article, “Who Decided What Went into the Bible?”. The Bible is an amazing collection of books (biblios) that has stood the test of time and its truths will remain as true no matter what society says or looks like. After the Roman Empire fell and English began to replace Latin as a standard language in the West, this Latin translation played a huge role in keeping the Bible accessible to as many people as possible. How do you address the circular reasoning that states the Bible is the word of God, because it says so in the Bible? Support Option Ultrasound! Where does the word “Bible” come from? We’ve already read what Paul wrote about Scripture, saying it’s not man-originated but “God-breathed.”  This point’s to the True Source of the Word of God as the God of the Word. His books are include: “Teaching Children The Gospel/How to Raise Godly Children,“ “Do Babies Go To Heaven?/Why Does God Allow Suffering?,“ "The Great Omission; Reaching the Lost for Christ," and “Blind Chance or Intelligent Design?, Empirical Methodologies & the Bible.". “There is little doubt that the Bible is the world's best-selling and most widely distributed book,” according to Guinness World Records. "Bible" derives from Byblos, the Greek name of the Phoenician city, Gebal. While we might recognise 'Yahweh' as a particular name of significance ('a' and 'e' added, no vowels in the original! During the sixteenth-century Reformation, Martin Luther spoke strongly against the Apocrypha. That message must come from the Word of God [the Bible]. You can be absolutely certain that God’s Word will do exactly what God wants it to do. The Bible’s unity is due to the fact that, ultimately, it has one Author—God Himself. Abram was called “Abraham the Hebrew” in Genesis 14:13, which is the first time that the word is used in the Bible. About Give. 2, p. 387) ‘The Bible’ comes from ‘ta biblia’, Greek for ‘the books’. Soon many Old Latin manuscripts, poor in quality and often differing from each other, were in circulation.”. Also come to the Bible thoughtfully. WHERE DOES 'ELOHIM' COME FROM ?? Used by permission. If not how are we to trust that the compilation of books THEY have given us are the only books to be called the word of God espeacially when in the 1600s we had 14 books removed including a book called “the wisdom of Solomon” who is biblicly the wisest MAN who ever lived. Their gospel accounts and letters were more debated when the church was agreeing on the canon of Scripture. The term means book, or books, and may have originated from the ancient Egyptian port of Byblos (in modern-day Lebanon), where papyrus used for making books and scrolls was exported to Greece. 'Back To God' Reba McEntire And Lauren Daigle Official Lyric Video, 10 Things You Didn’t Know about the 10 Commandments, How to Know if You've Been Raised on False Teaching, For Such a Time as This - Crosswalk the Devotional - January 14, 10 Online Sins We're All Apparently Okay With. Several years ago, a woman told me that her grandmother reads a chapter of the Bible every day. Regarding the term rapture and its use in theology the following should answer your questions. Answer: The word bible simply means “book.”. Wycliffe Global Alliance reported that by the end of 2017, the complete Bible has been translated into 670 languages, and at least some of the Bible has been translated into 3,312 languages. Christians trust the Scripture with their lives…their eternal destination is based upon whether they believe it or not (Rev 20:12-15). Jack has written 1107 articles on What Christians Want To Know! Close. Catholics uphold the Apocrypha. 6:34 am ↓ Jump to Comments. bible, “Over 114 million people, speaking 1,636 languages, are likely to need some form of Bible translation to begin,” they reported. Then she added, “But whenever I ask her what she’s just read, she can’t tell me. the discovery of King David’s palace in 2005, according to The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library, This Summer, a Bible Reading Challenge for Busy Families, California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Where did this name come from and what is the meaning of the word “Bible?”, It might seem strange that the word “Bible” is not in the Bible but the inference of the Bible is there when the words “Scripture,” “The Word of the Lord” or “Thus says the Lord” occur and that is over one thousand times. Hopefully understanding where the Bible comes from helps. The Best Way White Christians Can Respond to Racial Tensions. According to, God used 40 people to write down his words. When the prophets like Jeremiah, Daniel, and Hosea wrote scripture, Jewish people did not tend to question if it was from God. The Bible came to us from believers who were called to tell of His great love, as well as those things that are pleasing and displeasing to Him. Is it possible, or even probable, that Paul would have demurred out of humility, assuring us that his letters were not fit to be held alongside of the Torah? It will not return without doing something, convicting someone, saving someone, and even angering someone. By Peter’s saying “no prophecy,” he is saying no other prophecies we ever read are from the will of man (unless they’re false ones). Still, there is work to be done. Are we as believers in the word (bible) to discount these once acknowledged books? Did you know that the word “Christian” comes from the Greek word ... look at the original king James Bible not one single letter J to be found cover to cover it’s the king Iames bible and the ... by no means he was a Hebrew..he had a Hebrew name. 6:58 am ↓ Jump to Comments. “The kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Romans 14:17). 100 years ago people could make arguments, but now we have archaeological evidence that keeps coming up. Scripture never had a human source. The human authors wrote exactly what God wanted them to write, and the result was the perfect and holy Word of God (Psalm 12:6; 2 Peter 1:21). All rights reserved.

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