A couple further basics are spelling – typically it’s spelled “Baha’i” or “Baha’i Faith” or “Baha’is” for followers of the religion. Both also progress in their expression as culture and people change. The pilgrimage or hajj is to Mecca and the places near it. Ayoub states that Muslims seeks to convert people of other faiths into Islam, which is regarded as the true religion (349). And just to point out the sheer stupidity of this article, the article states that muslims refer to Christians and Jews as “true religions” (not entirely correct, they’re referred to as people of the book) Why on earth, if they are “true religions” would their scriptures be forbidden. The Muslims refer to Jesus, Moses, and Abraham as the prophets of God and hence as Muslims. Thus our duty to understand the other religions rather than ignore them. Where on earth does it say Muslims are not supposed to study other religions? Bahai are misguided. Do Bahá’ís believe that the Qur’an is a copy of the Torah (Old Testament), except for added directives to kill non-Muslims? Nice post at Difference Between Islam and Bahai | Difference Between | Islam vs Bahai. By denying the Bahá'í faith official status as a religion, and maintaining its stance that the Bahá'ís represent a seditious movement, the Islamic Republic of Iran has relied on several provisions of the constitution, especially the final stipulation of Article 14, to serve as legal justification for effectively denying any rights to the Bahá'ís. I read your objections and found most of them to be true. A follower of Bahai is considered to be more educated than people of other religions as he is expected to study the scriptures of his religion as well as that of the other religions of the world. If you were a good guy: no problem. To respect each other, to accept criticism, to argue with facts instead of beliefs. ONE OF THE SEVEN FUNDAMENTAL PILLARS OF ISLAM IS BELIEF IN ALL THE SCRIPTURES OF GOD, The torah and bible included. 2020, ivypanda.com/essays/islam-and-bahai/. Like Islam, the Bahá'í Faith is a religion of the Book where laws and ordinances of God's revelation are recorded in one title for posterity. Islam is the only religion forwarded to this world. said that if anyone is supposed to be prophet after me then it will be hazarat umar bin all khattab but none will be prophet after me. Furthermore, the article states that there are certain restrictions on acceptance of Islam. The word Muslim itself means a ‘person who submits.’. (one who does not know and knows he does not know – is the learner be a learner, don’t teach yet). This article is very poorly written and the author is biased (or perhaps just not very well informed about Islam, or the Baha’i Faith for that matter). Another point that I will like to discuss is in relation to free will. 6.A Bahai is supposed to learn the scriptures of the religion as well as that of other religions. http://www.bahaullah.org Their fundamental differences infact, makes them idealogically diverse. Some things in the article are correct and accurate, but it also includes too many inaccuracies to be helpful in properly informing the reader. E-mail Citation » An excellent academic and historical introduction to the Baha’i faith, covering its emergence from the Babi movement in 19th-century Iran to its rise and development as a modern religion. Islam is represented by the star and crescent symbol. Over a period of 23 years Muhammad revealed The Holy Qur'án, which--besides the Bahá'í Writings--is the only other absolutely authentic Holy Book of the nine surviving religions. plz go to youtube and type, Shaikh ahmed deedat on islam ( Islam is the onlyreligion who not only “fouses” but actually tells us to practice on issues like equality of the genders, world peace, adoring one God, and combining science and religion. And to achieve nibbana nobody can help us but we ourselves must achieve it.. Too funny. March 26, 2020. https://ivypanda.com/essays/islam-and-bahai/. IvyPanda. The Baha'i Faith has its roots in Islam yet many Muslims do not have accurate information about this fast-growing religion. “Muhammad is not the father of any man among you, but he is the Apostle of God, and the seal of the prophets” – Al-Ahzab 33:40 The difference between these two religiones are very deep and the source world problem’so no one knows which one is correct.why are escaping from this Un resolved matter.we should have to look for new religion that makes peace and harmony. it deosnt matter what he wrote or how many books he wrote make him a leader. And there are so many nonsensical comments in this article that I can’t even be bothered to mention them. Instead of talking about God and prophets, Buddha spoke about the most important aspect what really matters to our souls. Ayoub reveals that in Islam, this deity is referred to as Allah and he is the great creator and ruler of the universe (345). I have made a post asking them to change it as well. 4.Bahai is a combination of religion and science while Islam is purely a religion based on the teachings of the Prophet. Find inner strength to be good, peaceful, kind, helpful, and so on without trying to be controlled by a scripted set of rules. He is more into writings than educating. I have one word for you “disgusting!” Yes, that is what you are! Muslims are actually encouraged in islam to learn about other religions and fing comparisons so that all mankind is united bas on those comparisons. This man called himself the Báb, meaning “the Gate” in Arabic. For more information please refer to the following websites; http://www.bahai.org Copyright © 2021 - IvyPanda is a trading name of Edustream Rather than just being a religion, Bahai is a combination of religion and science. Shalom everyone. but once you have a strong base its recommended that you read and research about other religions too to better debate and spot the mistakes – man made mistakes. DifferenceBetween.net. For example, it says that, 1.Bahai is a religion having origins from Islam and Islam has its roots from Christianity. London: George Ronald, 1970. Oh its damn true, bahaullah was gone mad because he claimed himself to be a prophet..! Retrieved from https://ivypanda.com/essays/islam-and-bahai/. This founder is referred to as Baha’u’llah, meaning “the Glory of God” and he is considered the most recent prophet of the religion (Masumian 89). It is becoming popular nowadays and has its origins from the Shi’ite Islam sect. Furthermore, Baháʼís believe that the Báb, a central figure in the Baháʼí Faith, was a descendant of Muhammad through Imam … Islam and Christianity are false interpretations and extensions of Judaism. is the last messenger. Very sad. • Categorized under Islam,Miscellaneous,Religion | Difference Between Islam and Bahai. This goal of conversion occurs since the faith teaches that Allah is the only true God. And I advice my friend here not to write on a topic so sensitive if he doesn’t know much about it. If you are the copyright owner of this paper and no longer wish to have your work published on IvyPanda. Instead of such feeling, have you tried to guide those around you purely by example? The former grew out of the latter (in the same way as Christianity did out of Judaism) and as a result Muslims have tended to regard Baha'is as sectaries or heretics. 6.A Bahai is supposed to learn the scriptures of the religion as well as that of other religions. I posted this incorrectly on another comment at first! ( Teaching of Prophet (PBUH) is also based on science and everything. As a member of Iran’s nobility, Baha'u'llah was offered a government position. then you will see the beauty of islam.) To accept Islam, you need only testify to oneness of god and accept Muhammad (PBUH) as his final messenger. We are just suppose to abide them. In the view of Islam, Judaism and Christianity are true religions. In comparison to other religious community, Baha’is are a miniscule community,but you can find Baha’is all over India. It started by acknowledging the significance of religion in the world. During the 1920s Egypt's religious Tribunal recognized the Baha'i Faith as a new, independent religion, totally separate from Islam, due to the nature of the 'laws, principles and beliefs' of the Baha'is. This is IvyPanda's free database of academic paper samples. All our central works are available online free though multiple outlets. You are responsible for your own life and actions. Parallels Between Islamic and Baha'i laws and Constitutional Principles by Afshin A. Khavari 1998. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-DYJfg_o4A&feature=related We all know about Islam, but may not know about Bahai. Baha’u’llah taught that any true religion will complement scientific discovery and they will help prove and support the claims of each other. IvyPanda. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must. A brief look at the some of the beliefs of the Baha’i faith which contradict the basic Islamic beliefs, as well as some contradictions found in some of its essential teachings., Is Bahaism true Islam? Wow.. Good job pointing out all the dumb wrong insane facts supposedly purposed to educate the difference of the 2 faith. How Gotam Buddha spoke about delusions of God. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjKGlNVmnqc&feature=related most interesting one….”Shaikh Yusuf Estes converting to islam story Unfortunately, your browser is too old to work on this site. I certainly hope you find peace in the midst of your war on others. This thread is about people attempting to learn something…Here you are with rants about who you would kill. The Baha’i faith was founded in 1863 by Mirza Husayn Ali in Iran. To make it better through our daily activities, at work and family. I am a Muslim. Muslim believers acknowledge the difference between their God and the gods of other religions. They are part of our cultural history and should be brought forward, best by those who live in those areas. Allah sent islam to this world because the Jews manipulated their scripture and the Christians misunderstood their prophet. By Daniel Pschaida and Pete Haug. The revelations of God to Prophet Baha’u’llah and his teachings are integral to the Baha’i faith. professional specifically for you? Hello to all, The former grew out of the latter (in the same way as Christianity did out of Judaism) and as a result Muslims have tended to regard Baha'is as sectaries or heretics. There are many holy books for the religion but the most prominent one is Kitáb-i-Aqdas. Islam is the same in this respect, and both religions are based on divine revelations from their respective prophet founders, not on direct scientific discovery. Otherwise sucks. I believe one God, and this God is same for all monotheistic religions in the world. http://www.bahai.in/, For example there is a Bahá’í temple in New Delhi, I guess you would find some Bahá’ís there Though originating from Islam, there are a considerable amount of differences between the two religions. Hi friend, you mean biased against Islam and yes I would agree with that. In this sense, the Bahá'í Faith is related to all past religions. Qur’an says to observe the nature to promote your emaan to a better strength not to be distracted. Bahai has a more scientific and modern approach and focuses on issues like equality of the genders, world peace, adoring one God, and combining science and religion. Mohammed is considered the most important prophet of Islam and it was through him that the message of God was revealed to the world. Differences between Islam and radical Islam, Difference Between Muslim and Christian heaven, Difference Between Religion and Theosophy, http://www.google.no/images?hl=no&q=bahai%20temple%20in%20india&rlz=1R2ADFA_noNO393&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&biw=1007&bih=431, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8i0Xvps8sg, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YB5QBzquBrU, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjKGlNVmnqc&feature=related, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-DYJfg_o4A&feature=related, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSahOrtT7MY&feature=related, Difference between Rohingyas and Bengalis, Difference Between Indian Muslim and Arab Muslim, Difference Between Healthy Aging and Unhealthy Aging, The Difference Between Durable Power of Attorney and General Power of Attorney, Difference Between Abatement and Remediation, Difference Between Digital Nomad and Location Independent, Difference Between Primitive Mythology and Classical Mythology, Difference Between Vitamin D and Vitamin D3, Difference Between LCD and LED Televisions, Difference Between Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, Difference Between Civil War and Revolution. Allow inner peace to give you strength to handle your responsibilities toward our common soul. Research is an actual thing that you can use before posting an article. it is true that Islam is originated from the teachings of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moss, Jesus and all the other prophets Peace and Blessings Be Upon Them- And at the end of the day you will stay alone in front of Him. Do Bahá’ís need to accept Islam … Thank you and best of luck. There were bloodsheds and executions. He had to face severe consequences in the beginning. From its start there have been controversies and challenges over its teachings and accusations against its leaders. Iran’s government labels the Baha’i faith as a “deviant sect” of Islam, and has systematically persecutedthe community for decades. The Quran clearly says that Muhammad s.a.w. As they are all considered Muslims i.e. Both religions declare that human beings have a soul that is immortal and therefore continues to live after death. Seek universal clarity, start with your inner self, then you may see and filter out the imperfections of religions while still able to remain tolerant. Alla’u’abha my friend, Muhammad is taken to be one of the most important messengers of God as an "independent" manifestation of God. There is another fatwa issued by the Egyptian Daar al-Ifta’ in 1968 CE, in which it says: Whoever embraces the Baha’i religion is an apostate from the religion of Islam, and the ruling on the apostate in Islam is that he should be asked to repent and Islam should be presented … Salam. It will cause more harm than good – i am saying this for your own benefit. The relationship between the Baha'i faith and Islam has not been an easy one. Each has some distinctive quality. Peae be on you. Bahai religion globally, spread across 236 countries. Both Baha’i teachings and Islamic teachings are very similar on this point. "::::The Qur'an (E.H. Palmer tr), Surih 3:19. Md.Sahidul haque laskar.. The Baháʼí Faithis the second-largest religion in Iran, after Islam. 1.Bahai is a religion having origins from Islam and Islam has its roots from Christianity. Stupid thing isn’t? Bahai is not considered a sub sect of Islam, but as a new religion itself. For comparison though slavery had been abolished in the British Empire as late as 1833, it remained legal in the United States until 1863. Thats not rlly nice we all have to accept people and their religons. In my estimation it is likely the work of someone who has done only a little research. The relationship between the Baha'i faith and Islam has not been an easy one. According to the two religions, the human body is only a vehicle for the soul in its physical experience on earth. It is located at 535 Sheridan Road, Wilmette, IL 60091. But it is NOT originated from MODERN Judaism, and Christianity because they both have been misinterpreted by Humans. Don’t forget: women are equal to man one on one, gay and lesbian imams, priests and rabbis are maybe the angels of God…Salam, shalom from Europe. The one who wrote the article knows nothing about Islam or Bahais. Baha'u'llah, whose name means “Glory of God” in Arabic, was born in Tehran in 1817. If live than which city or which state ? Anybody can embrace the Bahai religion while there are restrictions and conditions when you embrace Islam. May Allah bless all the mankind.. And it makes me happy and confident that the world can be changed just a little bit. IvyPanda. It is infact the opposite. However, today I am a new Bahai. I am a Baha’i and I completely agree with Shenaz Anser. Have you ever studied Baha’i Faith with an impartial mind, as you are asking the readers? Like the brothers from daesh for instance ( Again, Completely wrong, there is no restrictions on any muslims for that. Baha'i Faith and Islam Is Islam The Final Religion? Manisha Kumar. I know you want to help, but its better not to help if you will lead people astray! I am a Baha’i and I can assure you that no Baha’i I have known would make up such outrageous things about Islam. Masumian notes that the Baha’i concept of heaven … Ayoub, Mahmoud. we will assume that you agree to our "Islam and Baha'i." Mumbai: Kalimat Press, 1995. Bahá'ís believe in the Oneness of God. I grow up in a mixed Jewish – Christian family and married a Sunni Muslim woman, without conversion. Instead, he joined a new religious movement, started by a young Iranian, known as the Bab. In the same way, Baha’i teaches that the soul of the individual moves on to heaven or hell after death. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YB5QBzquBrU Both teach progressive revelation and acknowledge the verity and importance of previous religions. The falsehoods in this article are despicable. The Báb was martyred in 1850, at which time he had not abrogated or changed the laws of Islam that permitted and regulated the practice. “The Islamic Tradition.” World Religions: Western Traditions. Living among the big 3 is a life experience. According to the faith, the entire world only has one God and he has been given different names throughout religious history (Masumian 89). If my neighbor come to my door and proclaim himself to be prophet, I’m wondering how I can recognise if is he is saying the truth or not without something exceptional (Miracle). An obvious difference between Baha’i and Islam is that they were founded at different times and by different individuals. Slavery used to be allowed not out of sense of allowing for a need to be mean to some people but in a sense of it being a social system for managing resources. No Prophet (peace upon him) and no son of God is needed to perform your way to a better world. We will write a custom Research Paper on Islam and Baha’i specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page. Have you tried to consider not to follow any “religion”? Absolutely false. It contains thousands of paper examples on a wide variety of topics, all donated by helpful students. Manisha Kumar should really do her research before throwing out such accusations. But, Baha’is insist that their religion is a new and independent revelation from God that stands distinct and apart from Islam and Islamic practice. Today there are international conferences of this religion and is being accepted as a religion of the world. My personal opinion is that too much religion harms. We are nobody to critsize them or find out the the answers of Why? According to the two religions, the human body is only a vehicle for the soul in its physical experience on earth. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. 1.Bahai is a religion having origins from Islam and Islam has its roots from Christianity. "Difference Between Islam and Bahai." Because of the wrong way they practice/preach the religion. Moreover,Muhammad s.a.w. Baha’i, Pervezi etc are all the amendments which are not acceptable. Masumian notes that the Baha’i concept of heaven and hell is in relation to the closeness or detachment from God (89). ensure the integrity of our platform while keeping your private information safe. Have you actually tried to accept the great responsibility for your own action instead of passing it on to the will of a greater power? Answer: The Baha'i faith is one of the newer world religions stemming originally from Shi'ite Islam in Persia (modern-day Iran). It not only provides a moral code to guide the believers’ living but it also gives spiritual fulfillment. 26 March. The database is updated daily, so anyone can easily find a relevant essay example. Non-Muslims have been much readier to recognise Baha'i as a religion … Baha’u’llah’s son and successor has written: “many wonderful things (miracles) were done by Baha’u’llah, but we do not recount them, as they do not constitute proofs and evidences for all the peoples of the earth, and they are not decisive proofs even for those who see them: they may think that they are merely enchantments.”. The crime of these Baha’i doctors, nurses and other health workers was their faith in a religion that the rulers of the Islamic Republic believe is a “deviant” faith. If you continue, Baha'i teachings 'affirm that Islam is a true religion revealed by Allah'; accordingly, members of the faith can give full assent to the traditional words of the Shahadah. I appreciated the comments, they gave me something to think about. Instead of heaven and hell, Buddha explained a step ahead saying existence in neither heaven nor hell is permanent and soul keeps moving between various realms. You are only misinforming new readers, and offending others who are already well-informed. Islam teaches that the believer’s soul will move on to heaven or hell depending on his conduct here on earth (Ayoub 345). Poor Bahai peoples, they have been misguided, Miracle of every religion is it’s Holy Book (it is also explicitly mentioned in Quran as well)…. Print. Islam teaches that the believer’s soul will move on to heaven or hell depending on his conduct here on earth (Ayoub 345). Completely valid, though incomplete - the Manifestation of Bahá'u'lláh is the most recent divine revelation. We utilize security vendors that protect and The main principles or teachings of Islam are the Five Pillars. The roots of this religion are often traced back to Christianity. I think the biggest proof is the Word of God itself and not any miracles that are performed, as miracles might be good for the people who witness it. About 5 million people worldwide adhere to the Baha’i faith, according to Patheos.com, but other sourcessay there are as many as 7 million around the world. Baha’is believe each well known religion, and the aboriginal faith traditions of natives, are all founded by God whether it’s known who founded the religion or not. Anyone who wants to know about islam should do their own reseach, read quran and hadees, with free mind. We don’t need people like you in any religion. The Babi and Baha’i Religions: From Messianic Shiʿism to a World Religion. submit to the will and power of the one all mighty creator; God. This paper will briefly compare and contrast the Baha’i faith with Islam. Cambridge, UK, and New York: Cambridge University Press, 1987. In any event, I feel blessed by all those religions. I am wondering if it is an article or a block of cheese. In contrast to this, the Baha’i faith declares that there is oneness of God and religion. Hinduism: History, Teachings, Ethics and Beliefs, Religious Studies - Square Peg: Why Wesleyans Aren’t Fundamentalists, The Positive Portrayal of Prophet Muhammad, The Religious Themes Relating To Notions Of Deity, World Religions: Confucianism and Its Influence, Hinduism and Judaism' Religions: Practices and Rituals, Water Symbolism in Christianity and Islam. Let's see if we can help you! Just to let you know people that this website is extremely biased towards Islam. This paper set out to provide a brief comparison of Islam and Baha’i. This angered the Shiite government, and the Báb was … 142 pp I have a friend who lives in Gwalior . 2020. Islam is about love, faith and understanding, its very upsetting that most people don’t understand the true message – merely because they don’t take enough time to study it. ( Teaching of Prophet (PBUH) is also based on science and everything. Another difference between Islam and Baha’i is in their view of other religions and gods. March 26, 2020. https://ivypanda.com/essays/islam-and-bahai/. On a serious note, we are always tested by God, and it is these tests and trials that we face to grown spiritually. Muslims are expected to live their lives in accordance to the will of Allah and offer their devotion to him. The Baha’i center in Wilmette, Illinois, houses the American Baha’i Faith Archives and Library, which can be contacted for further information on the Baha’i faith. These are the obligatory prayer, repeating the shahada, giving alms, fasting, and pilgrimage. 5.The main principles of Islam are based on the Quran and teachings of the Prophet. I don’t know where the writer Manisha Kumar got the idea that Muslims are not supposed to learn about other religions. The religion officially formed in 1863, but a Shiite Muslim man in Iran began paving the way in 1844 by announcing a new prophet was to come – after Muhammad. I consider Islam to be a complete religion (it deals with everything even how you sleep ) as a Muslim you need to know your own religion, and that is a life long process your hardest enemy is yourself (your own soul) – not the non-believer. Cite To the Baha’I followers, all religions have the same divine origin and they are therefore only representations of the one and only religion that God has ever taught. Extremely useful info specially the last part I care for such info a lot. Zakir naik Islam and Science Bahaullah was lucky because he was born 200 years back ,and if i would have got bahaullah in todays time near my home then i would have killed him..! I want to know Is there Babai live in India . The Baháʼí Faith is a new religion that originated in the Middle East in the 19th century and has around 5 million adherents. The prophet Mohammed founded Islam in the 7th century AD in modern day Saudi Arabia (Ayoub 344). Islam was founded by Muhammed and the followers of this religion are known as Muslims. If it were then why would Muslims agree that there are fundamental similarities between Islam, Christianity and Judaism. ( completely wrong, islam doesn’t have roots from chirtianity.) If the function of Prophets is that the perform miracles than I guess all the magicians will go bankrupt! I studied Tanach and Talmud, the New Testament, the Quoraan and a part of the Hadiths, the Shi’a books also. It must’ve been written by a Baha’i person who happens to know nothing or very little about Islam. Baha'u'llah’s father was a minister in Iran’s government, which supported Shi'i Islam as the state religion. (2020, March 26). This website is for people of various faiths who seek to understand Islam and Muslims. 4.Bahai is a combination of religion and science while Islam is purely a religion based on the teachings of the Prophet. The paper has shown that while the two faiths have major differences, they also share some core beliefs. I hope those Hindu extremists next door would come and do to you, what you are planning for the rest of the non-believers! Willard G. Oxtoby, 2nd ed. He said only nibbana will truly release us from our suffering. 342-455. The olyai family . Balyuzi, H. M. Edward Granville Browne and the Baha’i Faith. This is completely wrong. Do not take anyothers religions,you should have knowledge of The holy Quran,ifyou are in trouble to understood The Quran i personaly advice you should meet our wel-known Ulema(precepter) like Moulana Tariq Jameel(Pakistan),Mufti Khanpuri sahab(Surat,India) and many of them but dont play like this.. ” 6.A Bahai is supposed to learn the scriptures of the religion as well as that of other religions. Islam and Baha'i. I have many friends who are Muslims, and so much of what we practice seems alike. Christianity and Judism are other names of Islam because all the preachings are same and revieled from Allah through Messangers. Islam aligns with science just as much as Baha’i teachings do. It had roots in Islam but established its own laws and teachings that made a clear break from Islam. In the same way, Baha’i teaches that the soul of the individual moves on to heaven or hell after death. Slavery was not finally abolished in Iran until 1929. Not bad for a basic intro. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2002. The Baha’i Faith claims to accept the Prophet Muhammad as Messenger of God and the Seal of the Prophets. Baha’is also believe that religions include both eternal truths and relative truths. But now-a-days slavery is no longer needed and is forbidden in the Baha’i Faith’s teachings – but this isn’t to cast a sense of superiority of a new religion over an older one. Its roots however, are in the religion which immediately preceded it, Islam. Jews and Christians are respected as "People of the Book," but they have wrong beliefs and only partial revelation. That’s why you get so many branches and misconceptions as well as new faiths and believe systems. The Muslims have a holy book which is known as the Quran and is written originally in Arabic language. You can use them for inspiration, an insight into a particular topic, a handy source of reference, or even just as a template of a certain type of paper. This leads them to believe in the Oneness of Religion, the "changeless Faith of God, eternal in the past, eternal in the future." They also seriously misrepresented some Baha’i principles. I was drawn to this religion because of the unity on which it stands. I find that while they are similiar in many aspects. So I advice anyone reading this article Muslim and non-Muslim to read more about Islam and try to study it in more depth, and if God wills he will show you the truth and put the light into your heart.

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