The average temperature in Kasol is 16.8 °C | … Das Klima ist sehr angenehm in dieser Gegend im Oktober. from October … Answer 1 of 4: Hi, Can anyone update about the rain situation in kasol right now? Kasol is moreover referred to as smaller than expected Israel because of there territory unit such a great deal of Israeli people. October to June is the best time to visit Kasol. Snowfall in these months is common too. How many days required? Between the Kasol valleys, those flawless mountains and perspectives region unit obvious from everywhere. Kasol in Parvati Valley: Get tour & weather information on Kasol. Kheerganga trek weather is good for most of the year, except from July to September, so if you’re planning a Kheerganga trek, the best time to visit is any time after the monsoons. Join the fixed departure group tour to Kasol Kheerganga including camping trekking led by experienced Trip Leads. That is why October is the perfect month to be in Manali. At Kasol, there are many trekking areas over there with panoramic views of hills and sightseeing of the greenery. However, October to May is the best time to visit there. Places to Visit in Kasol: Find best tourist places in Kasol, attractions, sightseeing tours, ... 19 October 2020. Does it snow in Kasol at that time of the year? Yes kasol is pretty much approachable and resorts , cafes and hotel will be open for the whole winter. what would be the best route to Kasol from Delhi via Car. Das Wetter im Oktober in Kasol ist eher trocken (mit 1.5in Niederschlag über 6 Tage). Kasol has pleasant weather though it gets cold from October to February. Klima in Kasol 1652m über dem Meerespiegel liegt dieser Ort. The weather remains pleasant, and temperatures … All you need is 3 days to explore this nature's paradise. The place is known as the “Israel of India” because there is a high percentage of Israel tourists comes to visit the place. In Kasol ist im Winter mit weniger Niederschlägen zu rechnen wie im Sommer. Request you to guide me on the following: 1. It is neither too hot nor too cold. Die Klassifikation des Klimas nach Köppen und Geiger lautet Cwa. Minimum temp from October to February fluctuates between 17°C to 6°C. Text Weather Outlook Today's. Heute Kasol Himachal Pradesh Indien: Sonnig mit einer Temperatur von 25°C und Wind aus West Südwest mit einer Geschwindigkeit von 8 Km/h. Kasol Weather. While the place is full of scenic places, There are some places to visit in Kasol and KheerGanga which one should definitely check out. Summers in Kasol are when the tourist season begin. If you are someone who does not wish to spend much, a three-day trip would account for at least 5000rs and if you are on a lavish vacation, then the trip might cost up to 15k. Minimum temp during April-July varies from 20°C to 39°C. How cold would it be? COUNTRY: INDIA STATE: HIMACHAL PRADESH DISTRICT: KULLU KASOL TEMPERATURE: 1°C-34°C CLIMATE: COOL HEIGHT: 5180 ft LANGUAGE: HINDI NEAREST CITY: KULLU BEST TIME: MARCH TO OCT RLY STATION: PATHANKOT (150 KM) AIRPORT: CHANDIGARH AIRPORT (IXC) (157 KM) The best time to visit in Kasol is October to June.Although Kasol feels cold weather … How easy would it be reach Kasol? Kasol climate summary The Kasol lies on 1652m above sea level The climate here is mild, and generally warm and temperate. Alternatively, to enjoy cold weather, people can also visit in the months of October to February. A: Kasol is ideally best visited in summer from March to May, if you wish to enjoy plenty of walking or hiking. It is famous for its tangible beauty with river Parvati flowing at one surface. Kasol is Away from the bustling of the metropolitan cities. The best time however to explore Kasol and its mesmerising landscape is from March to May. 6 miles and an atmospheric pressure of 1023 mb .The daytime temperature is going to reach 7 °c and the temperature is going to dip to -3 °c at night.It will be dry with no precipitation and cloud covering 0% of the sky, the humidity will be around 24%. Kasol is a village in Himachal situated in Parvati Valley, between Bhuntar to Manikaran. Kasol Weather – Check the current temperature, weather forecast in Kasol , himachal pradesh , india, also get latest daily updates on Kasol , himachal pradesh , india weather conditions in January February March April May June July August September October November December. Kasol weather remains almost pleasant. Although Kasol experiences good weather throughout the year, the ideal time to explore the wilderness of the place is from March to May. Safety first as always said I would rather avoid my own vehicle for the journey to kasol. The weather is pleasant in summers and is considered the ideal time to spend in the lap of the Himalayas. Today's weather is turning out to be sunny.The visibility is going to be around 10 km i.e. At this time of the year, the weather is pleasant with the temperature ranging from 15 - 22 degrees Celsius. I travelled on 30th October. Dies stellt eine Verbesserung gegenüber dem Vormonat dar, da in September einen Durchschnitt von 11.5in an Niederschlag über 18 Tage gemessen wurde. Kasol … Also get the hourly, daily and weekly weather forecast, along with weather trends and alerts for Kasol. Is it advisable to visit Kasol in this season ? Also is the kheer ganga trek doable now? But as per the current weather and road conditions it is not advisable to travel to any hill retreat in both the states. Das Klima in diesem Ort ist mild sowie allgemein warm und gemäßigt. When compared with winter, the summers have much more rainfall. Request to suggest activities and places to visit during that time. The weather is pleasant, and the temperature varies from 15 – 22 degrees Celsius during this time. Hi Gaurav, October is an amazing time to visit the Himalayan region especially states like Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Delhi to Kasol Trip Budget, Itinerary, Cost & Weather help you plan a hassle free trip to Kasol from Delhi. The place is having great weather throughout the year. Staying in Kasol can be as cheap as 500rs or as luxurious as 3000 per day. This allows travellers to explore all the places in and around Manali without worrying about the drastic snowfall or cold altering their plans. Kasol – Places to Visit – Things to Do – Best Time & How to Reach? Summers get quite hot but evenings are pleasant. Although the weather in Kasol is sweet throughout the year, the simplest time to go to is from March to May. October to February sees temperatures between 3 to 10°C while during February to June Kheerganga Trek temperature is anywhere between 15 to 22°C. October and November are also good months to visit Kasol. According to Köppen and Geiger, this climate is classified as Cwa. Festivals In Kasol. Must Read Also: Best Places in Shimla for Honeymoon. We left Thursday night around 7 PM and reached Kasol … Die Feuchtigkeit wird 33% und es wird 0.0 mm Niederschlag werden. This hill station is occupied by a large number of Israelis, so you would find many areas serving Israeli cuisine, and signposts on the roads with instructions in Hebrew. Also find out attractions, sightseeing, weather, maps, nightlife, festivals & photos at Travel Date and Weather? Despite its tiny size, Bir Billing boasts spectacular landscape and wholesome weather year-round, attracting millions of backpackers and thrillseekers from across the globe, every year. But for those who love to feel the chill and want to experience the fascinating snowfall - October to … The climate is mild at best with temperatures ranging from a maximum of 20°C to a minimum of 10°C. Although Kasol has a good weather throughout the year, the best time to visit Kasol is from March to May. Kasol is also known as mini Israel because of many Israeli tourists bustling the streets. Its dreamy ambiance, pleasant weather and beautiful Beas river attract visitors (especially Israelis) from all over the world. between March to June, the temperature does not drop below zero degrees at Kasol. The best time to visit is during summers when the treks are open, the skies are clear and nature is in its full glory. However, the weather is so pleasant to walk around and visit top tourist attractions as much as you can. 2. ... Top 10 Places To Visit In October To Welcome The Beginning Of Winter. Kasol is known as one of India’s best do-nothing vacation spots. How to reach Kasol Also please do share with us best area to stay in kasol… Is trekking an option in this season. Kasol Kheerganga trek is the most sought after weekend trip from Delhi. Weather starting getting colder in Kasol, one definitely need a jacket during this point of time. Kasol is also famous for its festival feels so to be part of the festival season. If you love cold nights and cool evening winds, winters i.e. Far-famed as the "Amsterdam of India", Kasol is one of the best places to visit in Himachal in October. Kasol is one of the most stunning calming places near Manikaran in District Kullu. The place is majorly preferred by adventure enthusiasts and nature admirers. The days are warm, but not as hot as the rest of India, and it is the ideal time to.. Hi experts, We will be travelling to kasol in the month of November for 4days. Answer 1 of 19: Hi I am planning to visit Kasol , Malana with my friends in Mid of aug , my main concern is weather. Shimla weather in October 2021 Shimla being a hill station has cool and pleasant weather all round the year but trip to shimla is not advisable during monsoon due to landslide and road blockages. Extended weather forecast for Kasol, Himachal pradesh: Get the 15 days forecast for Kasol along with current weather situation. we are planning for the August 1st weekend. The steaming hot food in the chill weather, right after the trek and the hot spring bath will feel like heaven. ☼ Wetter Kasol Himachal Pradesh Indien bis 5 Tage Wettervorhersage. The best time to visit Kasol is from October to June, during this period the weather in Kasol and Kheerganga is nice and one can take full experience of Kasol and Kheerganga without any hassle. Kasol is a well-renowned travel destination for the hikers and the campers who want to spend some quality time in the lap of Himalayas. Best Time to Visit Kasol. Kasol. During summers i.e. Answer 1 of 12: Hi all I am planning a trip from Delhi to kasol on New years eve. It experiences beautiful weather all throughout the year. You can read also New Tourist Places in India. It is about 26 km away from Kullu.

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